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If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. Some common questions are posted here and we'll keep this updated as we receive more.

Does the NDP actually have any weight with the planners?
The NDP, once it is brought into force after a referendum, carries real legal weight as it will be part of the development plan. Decision makers will be obliged to make decisions in line with the local development plan (including any NDP in force) when they consider proposals for development.
How long will the NDP last for?
The period the NDP covers is from the date on which it is brought into force until 2036. The Local Plan is refreshed every five years, 2021, 2026, and so on. Towns and parishes with NDPs will be obligated to refresh theirs, in order to maintain that status.
Can we stop housing being built?
The parish needs to accommodate the housing development numbers dictated by West Berkshire council. We can’t change that number but the NDP can strongly influence which sites the housing is built on, in what style, and the supporting infrastructure required.
Will the NDP have real force when it comes to West Berkshire Council planning decisions?
Once the Cold Ash NDP is adopted, it will form part of the statutory West Berkshire Council Development Plan which also consists of the Local Plan. The NDP will have the same weight as the Local Plan. The district council and planning inspectors will need take the plan into consideration when making decisions on planning applications. Developers will need to comply with the planning policies, including the proposed site allocations, embodied within it.
Is there a danger that we will be swallowed up by Thatcham and Newbury?
Yes there is and this is why it’s really important that the NDP is put in place. If we are to preserve our district character and maintain a separation then we need to have an evidence-based plan for where housing should go.
Should we be concerned that this may be open to exploitation by land owners?
Quite the opposite – we don’t allow anyone who has land put forward for development to be on the steering or working groups. The sites proposed for development will be reviewed and views on these canvassed from parishioners in a survey.
Can the NDP cover matters such as traffic issues in the parish?
The Steering Group has decided on five key themes, to guide the progress and outcome of the Cold Ash NDP. One of these is for Traffic, Transport and Travel. We have invited volunteers to assist this and work will commence in April.

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